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    1. A phonebox-like thing(It’s a phonless phonebooth)

    3. A Stetson

    4. A bow-tie

    5. An angel Statue(It has a mask on so it can’t see if I’m seeing it or not so it can’t move because it doesn’t know if I’m looking or not. Great logic, right?)

    6. A foot(The first astronaut to step on Andy’s bed counts for something right?)

    9. A pegg doll(I don’t know if this is a pegg doll or not.)

    My part of the Doctor Who scavenger hunt. What do you all think? Pretty good finds for only a day, right?

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    Posted on Saturday, 3 December
    Tagged as: doctor who tumblr sent me on a scavenger hunt doctor+who+tumblr+sent+me+on+a+scavenger+hunt i feel like i'm the only one that's gonna do this IDGAF b33fy random lol
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